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Fanbase Data Platform
Fanview is a Customer Data Platform designed specifically for the sports industry to help them understand their fans.
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Fanbase Data Platform
Fanview integrates all your online and offline data into a single platform and provides a complete overview of your fanbase on easy-to-read, dynamic dashboards.
Gain a Holistic Overview

Integrate your fans’ data – both online and offline – to understand their habits, spendings and the related revenue from every source and touchpoint.

Real-Time Data

By using aggregated data visualization we make it easy to identify patterns and trends in your data that would otherwise not be immediately visible.

Advanced Segmentation

Advanced, dynamic customer segmentation for personalized messages and relevant, tailor-made offers that no one else can provide to your supporters.

Invaluable Data Insights

Segment your fans by source, fan journey, age, gender and spending power. Provide your management with invaluable insights to decide its next strategy.

Effortless Visualization

Clean, intuitive and easy-to-read dashboards for desktop, tablet and mobile for easy reporting and quick decision making, even while on the go.

API-Centric Solution

Integration with all major CRM, Marketing Automation and e-commerce platforms through API for fast and easy integration and maximum cost efficiency.

Segment, Personalize, Target

Market and sell to individuals instead of the masses. With a complete & current view of fans, you can build groups across multiple data sets in minutes and provide personal offers. Segment your fans by source, fan journey, age, gender, spending recency, frequency and monetary value.

Data Driven Decision Making

Armed with an accurate view of each customer, your business teams can spend more time on fan engagement and creating campaigns that speak to the right customer at the right time, through the right channel.


Use your insights to engage and grow your fanbase with Marketing Automation. Engage with your fans with highly personalized, relevant messages and offers that grow their CLV.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I achieve with Fanview?

You can see all your fan data in a single platform. The platform segments your fans by spending power, recency, and frequency, age, gender and location. By allocating tags to the fan clusters you can then send hyper-personalized messages to selected groups via their preferred communication channel.

Why do I need Marketing Automation?

Fanview is an integration and visualization tool. For actual fan engagement you need a Marketing Automation platform in order to send your dedicated messages. Don’t have Marketing Automation yet? No problem. Depending on your budget and needs, we’ll find the right solution for you. If you already have Marketing Automation, you can easily integrate it to the platform and get your campaigns going.

How can I integrate my data?

Fanview is an API centric platform. What does API integration mean? API integration is the connection between 2 or more applications via their application programming interfaces (API’s) that allows systems to exchange data sources, which makes integration easy and cost effective.

Do I need a CRM?

In one word: no. You don’t need a CRM in order for Fanview to work. You can integrate all your various data sources, such as your ecommerce, your POS data, membership, ticketing, social media, etc. Then, using your Marketing Automation tool, you can create individual 360 views of each of your fans. No CRM needed.

How customizable is the platform?

The platform can be visually customized with your logo and brand colours. Furthermore, the phases of your fans’ customer journey can be modified to fit your associations preferences. As for your revenue sources, they can be adapted to your specific country or sport.

Who can benefit from Fanview?

Fanview is a great tool for the entire organization of your association. It provides an overview of revenue and the fan lifecycle for top management on easy-to-read dashboards. It also provides major KPI’s for sales and marketing management, and information on the latest trends. The marketing operational team on the other hand can perform the most advanced dynamic segmentations with the help of the tool.


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The Basic Plan Includes:

Dynamic Data Segmentation

Aggregated Data Visualization

Revenue Analysis

Fan Life Cycle

Supporter Life Cycle

Age & Gender Segmentation

3 users

Basic Online support

Logo & Colour Personalization

Limited API Access

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Everything in Basic plus:

Data Exportation for M.A.

Individual 360° Fan View

Up to 10 users

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Advanced API Access

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Everything in Premium plus:

Integrated Marketing Automation



API-Centric Solution for Fast Integration and

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