Integrate your fan data to understand

their habits, spendings and the related revenue from every source and touchpoint. Visualising both online and offline data on easy-to-read dashboards guarantees a 360 degree view of your club’s fans

Aggregated data visualisation

allows you and your team to easily identify patterns and trends in your fan or revenue data that would otherwise not be immediately visible.You no longer have to wait for the results of your weekly report to take action.

Advanced, dynamic customer segmentation

provides the communication team with a powerful tool to create personalised and relevant messages and tailor-made offers. The result is increased fan engagement and loyalty for the club.

Segment your fans

by source, fan journey, age, gender and spending power. Provide your management or sponsors with invaluable insights to decide their next strategy. Launch marketing campaigns based on facts and data for optimal results.

Read your data

on clean, intuitive and easy-to-read dashboards on your desktop, tablet or mobile. We make reporting and decision making easy and fast , even while on the go. Personalise your data with your club’s logo and colours with an ease.


your CRM, ticketing, eCommerce, POS, access control or marketing automation platforms with an ease through API’s. It guarantees fast and easy integration and maximum cost efficiency.

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